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History Of The Treadmill - Infographic

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With the warm weather in the air, many people are wanting to take their workouts outdoors and start running. Although we agree with SparkPeople in saying “running is a great form of aerobic exercise that boasts many health and fitness benefits.” It’s hard to say if it’s really right for you?! Take SparkPeople’s Are You Ready to Start Running Assessment to “find out if you’re ready to start a running program.”

We’ve shared their questions below that you may want to ask yourself before beginning a running program, but be sure to check out their site by clicking the link above to find out what your answers revealed.

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Some believe the only reason to work out is to lose weight, but that is certainly not the only benefits that come with exercise! In fact only 30 minutes of exercise a day can not only make big changes on your health, but it can “improve your mood, sleep quality, brain power, social life and overall happiness” as well.

With all the buzz about exercise, you’d think more people would be inclined to jump on the health train, but as you can see from the infographic below, that is not the case. Physical activity is actually on the decline, and it is expected to drop by 14% more in the US by 2030.

So why does it matter do you ask?! My moods great, I sleep fine, and I am in my appropriate BMI range, so I shouldn’t need to workout right?! WRONG! Just because you may look “healthy” that is not always the case. According to the infographic below “9% of premature deaths globally are because of physical inactivity…That’s 5.3 million avoidable deaths each year!” Inactivity can lead to breast and colon cancer, diabetes and heart disease.

Obesity is in fact becoming an epidemic in America and it’s time we take a stand. Not only is the health of our nation in danger, but economically as well. It costs 42% more in health costs per year for an obese individual. I think we can all agree something needs to be done about this!
Well just 30 minutes a day can help decrease your chances of illness, decrease your health care bills and lead you to a healthier life!
Be sure to check out the infographic below for more benefits of just 30 minutes 5 days a week can do for you… such as “40% higher test scores, 15% more likely to go to college, [and] earn 7-8% more money through life.” All sound like pretty fantastic enough reasons for me to get moving!

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The dreadful IT band syndrome…unfortunately one of the most common injuries among runners. According to Cure This Common Running Pain, the IT band syndrome is “an overuse injury that often causes pain on the outside of the knee.” While people try to stretch and foam roll the pain that comes with this syndrome, often times it’s not enough and does little good once you’ve got to this point.

In fact the article went on to say that “strengthening, not stretching, could be the best way to deal with the problem…To fix the underlying problem, you need to strengthen your hips.” They suggest performing the two exercises below to help strengthen your hips  and not only treat IT band syndrome, but also to help prevent future occurrences.

So be sure to do these two exercises when you come across this issue, and also add them into your weekly workout routines to help prevent IT band syndrome from happening again and “cramping your runs”:

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