10 Dead-of-Winter Workout Motivators

With winter in full swing, many of us are counting down the days till those Spring flowers start to bloom. With those low temperatures and days that become dark early, it’s no wonder our workout motivation goes out the window. But there are ways we can bring that motivation back.

Bad Weather Motivation

Spark People share their 10 Dead-of-Winter Workout Motivators that are sure to help you stay on track:

  • Sleep in Your Workout Clothes. Many of us find it easier to workout first thing in the morning and get it out of the way before any other unexpected obstacles come up in our day, or we are just too tired by the time we get home from work. Spark People suggests sleeping in your workout clothes to save that step come morning time and make you more likely to just get up and get to it!
  • Go Straight to Your Workout. Now if you’re an evening exerciser, right when you get home from work change into those workout clothes. Don’t even second guess it, just make it a habit of getting straight to it. Don’t allow yourself to hurry and clean up that kitchen or start that load of laundry or run an errand or two; these things can always take longer than expected and make it only become later and later, diminishing your motivation to workout.
  • At-Home TreadmillEnjoy the Great Indoors. Many people prefer not to run out in the cold and slush to only come home with a cold, and we don’t blame you. This goes right along with one of the many top benefits of owning a treadmill, they allow you to take your workout in doors no matter what time of day or what the weather is like out there. There are many workouts that can be done in the comfort of your own home, check out blogger Blogilates Workout Video for tons of workouts that can be done indoors.
  • Pump Up the Music. We’ve discussed the power in music in a previous post titled Workout With Music, and Spark People justifies this stating “nothing motivates like music.” Try mixing up your playlists to help add variety and ensure you don’t get bored with the same music every workout.
  • Get in Gear. If you are one who prefers the outdoors be sure you layer up properly. “There truly is workout attire for every weather scenario.” Spark People goes on to explain that when you purchase new winter workout gear, you’ll also “benefit from the instant motivation to try it all out.” Check out Women’s Health Magazines Best Winter Workout Gear to help give you some ideas of what to wear.
  • Exercise During Your Lunch Break. The best time of day to work out in the winter is midday due to the higher temperatures and maximum sunshine, yet unfortunately many of us work full time and are at work during this time of day. Although you are stuck in your office all day, you can still take a little time to utilize the sunshine, “use your lunch break to squeeze in a walk or other office-friendly exercise.” Try out these 10 Exercise Moves from GoldsGym.com that can help you burn 350 calories!
  • Set Your Sights on Spring and Summer. Sign up for a 5K, 10K or even a half marathon happening in spring or summer to help encourage you to stay active all winter long. You’ll be less likely to skip your training workouts when you have a goal you’re working towards. “If races aren’t your thing, set a specific weight loss goal or set your sights on a special trip (swimsuits, anyone?) that you’ll want to look and feel your best for.” The idea of getting in a swimsuit will inspire just about anyone to answer that early alarm workout call.
  • Take Up a Winter Sport. Use the winter time to your advantage by taking up an activity such as snowshoeing, skiing, or snowboard; all of which are sure to burn “mega calories and put a whole new twist on your cold-weather workout plans.”
  • Join an Indoor Sports League. If cold weather is not your thing you can always take your competitive nature indoors, since it’s always warm there! “Whether you want to try your foot at soccer or relive your former basketball glory, there is a local adults sports league for all sports, ability levels, ages and genders. Plus, practicing and playing a sport is a great way to change up your workout routine so you keep getting results and staying interested.”
  • Fitness DateMake a Fitness Date. A sure fire way to gain a little motivation is by enlisting a friend to join you. Ask a friend to come over and do a home workout DVD with you, or set up a circuit workout that one does while the other runs on the treadmill then switch. Having that pressure of someone counting on you to follow through with the workout will reduce the excuses. Just make a pack with one another that you won’t let the other bail unless it is truly an emergency, hold each other accountable and you’ll both reap the rewards!
  • Just Get Out The Door (There). Getting out the door is not one we are particularly fond of, as we are much more of home workout people, but if you are not like us…SparkPeople suggests just getting out that door, it’s that initial shock of the cold that is most unbearable, getting out there is half the battle. “Once outside, you have no choice but to get moving to build up body heat. When you’re not feeling motivated to work out, fake it. Get dressed, put on your shoes, and get outside.” We suggest using this advice in any workout you are about to partake in, even if it’s inside. Get dressed and get moving, you’ll find nine times of ten you’ll want to just continue on. Think of the rewards ahead, not of the present feeling of tiredness, lack of motivation and negativity; push all that aside and focus on the end goal! Check out these tips on How To Motivate Yourself to Lose Weight for an extra push in the right direction.