10 minute walk = 2 hours of energy

According to a study done in Personality and Psychology it only takes ten minutes of walking to rev up energy for 2 whole hours.  That is some pretty astounding claims.  So here is how you test it out: go walk for ten minutes.

made for workHere is how it works.  The body needs oxygen to power different muscular activity.  Actually all energy starts with oxygen, and also glucose.  When you are feeling tired it is because you have become very relaxed.  Unless of course it is because you have not been sleeping.  If you are getting enough sleep and still feeling tired it is because you are too relaxed.  So to cure this all you need to do is excite the heart a bit and get the oxygen pumping throughout the body.  This will provide the nutrients needed (i.e. glucose and oxygen) to the different areas of the body that need them to keep you feeling awake and alert.

Some business have even capitalized on this and started producing treadmills with desk attached to them.  These are specifically made for people with the sedentary life that comes with an office job.  Of course walking throughout an entire days work is going to be much more beneficial than just walking for ten minutes every two hours.


However, sitting down for a couple hours at a time isn’t going to kill you.  However, we strongly recommend that you don’t do it.