10 Minutes 3 Times Daily

30 minutes a day

The CDC says 150 minutes of exercise a week is all it takes to prevent heart disease and other health related problems.  Many people these days struggle with exercise because they either do not have time or they just do not have the means necessary to start.

Here is the trick, all you got to do is ten minutes of exercise three times a day.  That is not a lot of exercise.  Try waking up ten minutes earlier in the day and going for a walk.  The small excitement from a morning routine will help you become more alert and read for the day. If you can, it would even be more beneficial to start running.

There is no need to go out and buy anything.  Of course different pieces of equipment do help to strengthen specific muscles or make exercising a little more comfortable, but for weight loss and over all health all you need to do is start moving. Start with body weight resistance. These are simple exercises like squats, push ups, and planks.  Try to get creative with your body weight workouts it will keep your workout entertaining and it will be more effective.