2 best ways to Lose 200 calories in 20 minutes

Approach number one!

Get on the treadmill and jog at 5 mph for twenty minutes.  Bam. Just like that you burned enough calories to eat a Spicy McChicken.  However, we wouldn’t advise you to eat those because they are predominantly composed of plastic and salt.  No joke eating that stuff is terrible for you.  How about you eat two hundred calories of asparagus that will do your body some real good.


Approach number 2!

Swimming is a great way to keep your body in shape.  Do it for twenty minutes and you are bound to lose 200 calories or more.  Incorperate some swimming into your summer and you will lose the fat faster than a burgerking bacon sundae can melt.


Ok. So maybe that isn’t the most interesting or insightful information that was ever found in a blog post.  But the point is only twenty minutes a day can make a big difference.

Most low intensity exercises will burn about 200 calories in twenty minutes, so mix it up.  One day run on a tread mill and then next day try to swim.