3 Reasons to Exercise Daily

3 Exercise Helps Improve Sleep
Many people these days do not get the proper amount of exertion throughout the day. This results in tossing and turning in their bed. A common solution is to go to the pharmacist and get something that will knock you out; however this is going to be very destructive to the kidney and also most drugs create a dependency. So instead of becoming an addled drug fiend, who can’t sleep without pills; just try to get about thirty minutes of hard exercise three hours before you sleep.
Sleep is one of the greatest things you can do for your body. It has been shown in studies, people who do not get proper sleep will not develop physically like their restful-head counterparts. Also sleep deprivation can lead to mental disorders which can be a big issue, if you have ever read Chuck Palahnuik you should know.

Sleep like this to prevent mental disorders.

2 Exercise Makes You a Smarter Person

Contrary to popular belief, studying isn’t the only way to get smarter. Well actually it is the only way to learn anything; but if you want to improve cognition, heighten your mental acuity, and just become overall more cognizant just increase blood flow to the brain. It works like a charm, exercise a little bit—until you get that endorphin rush that makes you feel happy for no reason—then you will also notice your thoughts are more clear and accessible.
Being intelligent is a great advantage these days. Just a hundred years ago being physically fit was all you needed, because life was basically limited to existing on a farm. Now there are different career paths for even the most pointless of scientific disciplines. Being smart will generally make you a more successful person

He would be smarter if he exercised.

1 Exercise For The Body
The number one reason to exercise: for the body. Most people are not going to be too concerned with their mental acuity or their sleep pattern, but every single person is constantly apprehensive about how they look. A good way to curb that apprehension is to exercise. It will take days of exercising before you actually start to see physical change, but just the knowledge that you are working toward a better physique should help to soften your self-conscious criticism.
Despite working out to kill your lack of self-confidence, you can also gain a lot of real benefit from exercise. Most exercise is going to cleanse the lymphatic system, thus making you healthier; excite the endocrine system, creating more energy; and also stimulate the metabolism, which is probably the only thing you are truly concerned about.