5 Important Tips for Abdominal Exercise

Build Better Abs

Physiologically the abdomen is the same as any other muscle; therefore, you should only exercise it 2 to three times a week.

Protect your neck

While doing crunches push your tongue against the roof of your mouth.  This will help align your head properly and reduce neck strain.

Flat Abs

If you want to tone down your belly and bring it in then crunches are not the most effective.  Exercising your stabilizer muscles is going to tighten the abs and make them firm.

Loose Belly Fat

The body burns fat at random, so doing crunches isn’t going to burn belly fat.  The most effective way to lose that pop belly is to do fully body routines.  Exercises like INSANITY work wonders.

Hit the Low Abs

While you are doing reverse crunches or knee ups, round your back by rolling your hips and pelvis toward your chest.  This is going to work the hard to hit areas of the abdomen.