5 Tips To Stay Fit During the Holidays

With the busy holidays filled with shopping and those endless Christmas dinner parties between work, family and friends many of us find those hard earned lost pounds finding their way back onto the scale. To be sure you keep the weight off and find time to fit in your workout follow these 5 Tips To Stay Fit during the Holidays from SheKnows.com:

  1. Wake Up 15 Minutes Earlier. I know this may not sound like a lot but adding 15 minutes of exercise moves such as “jumping jacks, mountain climbers, push-ups, high knees in place and other high-energy moves will spike your heart rate as well as your metabolism, helping you burn 20 percent more calories throughout the day.” While you should still try to sneak in a lunch or after work workout, these 15 minutes will be better than nothing if something comes up to get in the way of your workout. Or if you know you’ll be busy that evening, try waking up even 30 minutes early to complete a 30-minute workout, getting it over before your hectic day begins.
  2. Switch up Your Fitness Routine. “This change in routine will force your body to adapt to a new stimulus, thus promoting a higher calorie burn.” Switching up your routine can also add new excitement, giving you more motivation to get to that new-to-you fitness class.
  3. Holiday FitnessAdd An Extra Set to Each Exercise. Adding an extra set to your normal routine will not only burn more calories, but it also won’t take much more time than you already have set.
  4. Take Up An Active Hobby During the Holidays. SheKnows suggests “instead of sticking to the kitchen to bake holiday cookies, use your free time to swim, play tennis, play basketball, take salsa classes – basically anything that will spike your heart rate and burn some calories.” You can even make these activities a family event to get in some holiday family time while you burn off that pumpkin pie.
  5. Recruit A Holiday Fitness Buddy. Now this can go right into getting your family involved, or find a friend who is in a similar boat as you and needs that motivation to continue their workouts during the holidays. By holding one another accountable, you’re more likely to not let “busy” be a valid excuse.

Bonus Tip: If you are sure to keep your diet intact, and limit those portions, you may actually even be able to lose more weight and be more fit this holiday season opposed to the millions who do just the opposite during this time.