50 Cent lost 50Lbs because of treadmills

This is old news I know,  but I wanted to put in my 2 cents.  This guy “Fiddy” lost 54 lbs, in the course of 9 weeks, at least that is what he said on his blog.  Now that is insane.  He says it was done with a straight juice diet and three hours of treadmill time each day.  He doesn’t make any mention to illicit drugs at all.


  • Let’s break that down. 9 weeks equals 63 days.  Subtract Sundays, because Fiddy wouldn’t exercise on the Sabbath, and you have 54 days.  That means he lost an entire pound each day!

50 Cent treadmill weight loss


  • He is not the only one to have achieved some astonishing weight loss.  Beyonce dropped 60 pounds on a treadmill in just four months, all thanks to lettuce and, of course, a treadmill.

Treadmill Weight loss


  • Then you also have Christian Bale who dropped almost 70 lbs with his cigarette and coffee diet combined with hearty treadmill time.

Christian Bale treadmill weight loss

The moral treadmills cause crazy weight loss.