8 Tips To Make Running Easier

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Yet even after your purchase has been made we want to ensure your experience with your exercise machines stays just as easy. So when I came across 8 Things That Will Actually Make Running Easier, I knew I needed to share these with our readers. Check out these tips to ensure your treadmill run isn’t  more difficult than it needs to be:

1- Incorporate Weight Training. We all know cardio is important, and running is a great way to get your cardio in! Yet it can’t be your only workout. “It’s like saying you’re going to get all your nutrition from a single food.”  Try out these Upper-Body Strength Exercises Runners Should Do to get a good idea of some weight training to add to your workout regimen. Also be sure to work your quads and core, as they “are key to lifting your legs off the ground.”

2-Take Shorter Strides. By taking shorter strides you can “increase your sub-maximal speed and maintain it for a longer period of time, in turn you can run longer and further.”

3- Learn How To Breath Right. They say most runners use the 2-2 breathing pattern. This means that you are breathing in for two steps, and breathing out the next two steps. If you seem to have trouble, you can try the 3-2 breathing pattern. “3 steps while breathing in, then out for 2 steps. Figure out what works best for you.”

4- Eat More. Running burns more calories than some believe, and while they are using running to lose weight, it can actually backfire. “You’ll get fatigued much quicker without adequate calories.” If you were to eat an adequate diet you’ll be able to go longer and harder than if you had to quit due to fatigue.

5- StretchingIt’s one thing people often overlook, yet it’s a very important factor that should go into any exercise regimen. Check out this article for tips and examples of Stretching Before Exercise to help avoid any running injuries.

6-Follow the 10% Rule. “Only increase your distance by 10% each week.” If you over exert yourself and increase your speed or distance too quickly, too soon you’ll be more prone to injury. “There have been multiple studies done proving that you are less prone to injury [by] increasing your mileage by 10% each week.”

7-Start Slow. This goes right along with the 10% rule, you need to ease into your running routine and each run individually. Start with a slow paced warm up and then pick it up once your muscles and body has got a chance to get the blood pumping and body warmed.

8-Wear the Right Shoes. Shoes play an important role when it comes to becoming a runner as no plain ol’ tennis shoes will do. Ask for assistance at the shoe store if you have any questions, they’ll likely point you to the right shoes made specifically for runners.