All About Interval Training

We know you’ve heard it before, intervals are a great way to burn calories and fat, and if you haven’t heard it before check out Why Intervals Work to refresh your memory and learn why their so great! We’ve dug this into your brain before with all the many benefits than can come from intervals, while even going into detail of whether you should use Incline Vs. Speed when it comes to your intervals.

Yet I still get questions of “why should I add intervals?” or excuses such as “I don’t like pushing myself, I just want to take it steady and easy”. Well let me tell you readers, taking your workouts “steady and easy” aren’t going to get you that swimsuit ready body in time for Summer, and probably never actually get you as far as intervals could.

In fact we could ramble on and on about why we love interval workouts, yet if you don’t believe us just yet, maybe it’s time we bring in a little second opinion?! Below is an All About Interval Training Infographic from They even state “interval training is one of the most effective exercise methods for burning fat.”

Check out the facts below as to why you really need to be adding interval training into your workout program if you haven’t already; and then once you figure out the many reasons why intervals work, but sure to try NordicTrack’s Treadmill Interval Workout to get started burning calories and fat today!

All About Interval Training