Are You Ready To Start Running?!

With the warm weather in the air, many people are wanting to take their workouts outdoors and start running. Although we agree with SparkPeople in saying “running is a great form of aerobic exercise that boasts many health and fitness benefits.” It’s hard to say if it’s really right for you?! Take SparkPeople’s Are You Ready to Start Running Assessment to “find out if you’re ready to start a running program.”

We’ve shared their questions below that you may want to ask yourself before beginning a running program, but be sure to check out their site by clicking the link above to find out what your answers¬†revealed.

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  1. How long have you been exercising regularly?
  2. Does your current exercise program involve walking indoors, on a treadmill and/or outdoors?
  3. Can you walk briskly for at least two miles?
  4. How quickly can you walk one mile?
  5. How’s your balance?
  6. What is the main reason that you are interested in running?
  7. Have you ever tried running in the past?
  8. Have you talked to your doctor about your desire to run?
  9. Do you have a new, well-fitting pair of shoes specifically designed for running?
  10. What would you do if you experienced pain or injury during a training run?
  11. Has a health or fitness professional ever advised you to AVOID running, high-impact, and/or high-intensity exercise for any reason?
  12. Are you currently healthy and free of injuries?
  13. Do you have the time and desire to commit to at least three days per week of running?
  14. How prepared are you to start running?
  15. How many days per week do you plan to run?