Attraction for the Lazy Man

Every guy knows that taking the steps to attracting the ladies can be a lot of hassle. Even though thos who take tha long road to attracting members of the opposite sex will swear that it is worth the invested effort, more and more men are taking the lazy man’s rout to attracting women.

These lazy methods are suited perfectly to the attitudes and timelines of the average lazy man. Not only will these efforts require little initial effort before results are seen, the results themselves are extremelly short-lived thus freeing the lazy man of any situations where commitment would ruin his status as a lazy man.

The first lazy method for attraction is the Manly-Abber! This device works despite the fierce commitment to a lack of exercise that the lazy man consistently subjects himself to.

So superficial you'll forget you have it on!

On the rare occasion that a lazy man has company, he’ll want to make a good impression or at least keep from making a bad impression. One way that the lazy man can do this is with pre-lined carpet.

This wonderful creation, credited to comedian Dave Barry, would have been on the market years ago but everyone who ever needed it was too lazy to invent it. This carpet gives the appearance of freshly vacuumed carpet by recreating the lines that immaculate vacuuming leaves.

Warning: Vacuuming over this product could cause carpet to lose its pre-vacuumed effect.