Becoming an Early Riser

Developing the habit of rising early in the morning is a very difficult, yet satisfying, habit to develop.  Many agree that waking up early provides a renewed and invigorated mood for the day, and gives the feeling of having more time to do all those things that need to be done.

This feeling probably stems from the fact that the mind tends to be a lot clearer in the morning than late at night.  Whatever the case, waking up early provides so many different benefits and advantages, that even though it will take a little sacrifice, the reward will far outweigh the struggle it took to obtain.

That being said, for those who have grown accustomed to going to bed late will have a hard time adjusting to this new schedule.  Initially, the body will reject and deny this new schedule and long to sleep longer in the morning.

These feelings are probably what have created the popular notion that some people are night people and some people are morning people.  This idea is based heavily on the concept of circadian rhythms and asserts that it is best for some people to stay up late.

Whatever the opinion, waking up earlier is a true showing of the will to succeed and the ability to overcome the mind and body’s natural tendencies.  In essence, it is the way to gain control over mind and over the body.

This is why waking up early is seen in such a positive light by those seeking to improve on shortcoming and succeed.  It may seem something of a passing fad, but there is no denying that those who wake up early and put in extra time into work are usually more productive and successful.

It is the extra hours put into any assignment that will help the assignment to stand out and become excellent.  This is true with most any endeavor.

There are really no draw backs to waking up early, save the first few weeks of daytime drowsiness and the feeling of wanting to turn back and start waking up late.  Simply put, a little effort can go a long way with waking up.

The mattress may be calling, but it is important that the call is not answered.  Instead, a will to push forward into something great should be followed, thereby leading to a new life of success and achievement.