Biking to Work: Things to Consider

Biking to work is a great way to cut down on expenses and simplify your life. Biking is efficient enough that an individual can use it as part of their daily transit to work without being massively inconvenienced, and it is also strenuous enough to offer a legitimate form of exercise on a regular basis.


One of the major consideration you should make before you commit to biking to work is the impact it will have on your job. Exercise is important, but you should make sure that your biking to work is well planned so that your work is not negatively effected.


If you have a professional job where your appearance is important, you might need to take some extra time both before and after your commute so make sure you look your best for work. Sweat is a big issue; antiperspirant is crucial, and you might want to freshen up in the bathroom or even bring a fresh change of clothes for when you get to the office.

Or you could shell out and pimp your ride.


If you feel comfortable about biking in a shirt and a tie, remember that you will need to be pretty meticulous to keep your work clothes looking fresh. Try tucking your tie into your shirt buttons or getting a good tie-clip. Also, make sure that you don’t get grease or dirt or anything on your clothing if you have to do any bicycle work en route.


Fenders are important if you are biking in a light rain or after rain has fallen. Using fenders can keep your outfit work appropriate as well as allow you to bike to work more often and get the exercise that you need.


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