Breaking Fitness

What is fitness? I recently watch the television show Breaking Bad and I think I am screwed up for life now. But there was an interesting message: what is bad? Of course you have to watch it if you want to get the same gut wrenching awful feeling that I’ve got. Besides leaving me a hopeless, addled and confused wreck, it got me thinking.
This show is about a chemistry teacher that turns criminal. To understand any compound in chemistry you have got to break it down to the chemical components. I feel like the title of the show accurately reflects the way boundaries between good and bad are set up and created in society and in a person’s character.
So I thought I would use the same methodology the writers for Breaking Bad used except to break apart fitness to its most simple and pure form, whatever that may be. This may take some philosophical observation. Fitness, is just a derivative of fit, so what does it mean to be fit?
From a sociological stand point as long as no one has a health problem everyone is fit. However, the line of fitness seems to become skewed as you get closer to any individuals personal view of things. Some will be considered mal-nourished by those who they consider to be overweight. Of course you could look at it from a purely medical stand point: no more than 20 percent body fat, no drinking, eating five servings of fruit and vegies with healthy proteins and carbs. Though, the problem is even if you follow all these rules you still may be less able to do something than someone who doesn’t do all of these things.
What it all comes down to is acceptance, probably. Not accepting yourself and sitting down, but accepting yourself and working with what you have got. Ok, so I totally stole that last paragraph from one of the episodes of Breaking Bad. Any way…