Build Your Core For Swimsuit Season

March 1st marks the beginning, we know see Spring just right around the corner and before we know it Summer will be in full swing. While the thought of the sunny days makes us smile, often times the thought of laying by the pool in our winter bodies doesn’t necessarily have that same effect.

To help prepare you for those bikini’s and pool dates,¬†created a Six-Pack March calendar with daily ab workouts. Combine these daily ab workouts with cardio to help shed the fat and make those six-packs shine through! For example, try combining them with these treadmill workouts or this 15-Minute Total Body Workout.

Start today and see those abs peaking out by the end of March ensuring you’re bikini ready when summer hits!

Six-Pack March


Check out What Exercise Equipment is Best For the Hips and Thighs to help sculpt your entire core before summer! Often times we ignore these areas until we’re faced with that first awful day we’re invited to a pool outing and realize the damage winter has done. Start today and get on top of it so you’re ready when that time comes and can hold your head high when asked to get in your bikini! is having a Spring into Fitness Sale that will help you do just that as well! Be sure to head over and check out the great deals going on! Sale ends Sunday!!!