Building Muscle Mass

It is not hard to see why so many health conscious individuals are dead set on finding the right combination of exercise, diet, and bodybuilding supplementsAll of us want to look and feel good about our physical health. Although we favor fitness plans that can give us fast results, we are also afraid that such measures may do some serious damage to our body. Hence, we still stick to the tried and tested means of achieving our fitness goals.

Muscle massBodybuilders who are serious about bulking up are not only focused on body building lifts and exercises. They are also very careful in following a strict diet regimen that will help them gain muscle mass without actually gaining too much body fat. It is understood that a body builders diet thrives mostly on protein and carbohydrates. The protein is to achieve muscle growth while the carbohydrates are for maintaining the energy needed to perform the strengthening exercises. But for well balanced diet to be truly useful to body builders must also contain proper amounts of fat, fiber, vitamins, and minerals. No amount of supplements can give instant success. Everything must be coupled with real hard work, determination, diet, and training.

A diet plan for bodybuilders will vary depending on the build, size, and weight of the person and his or her fitness goal. It is the usual practice to measure the calorie intake of a person against his or her weight. It is recommended that one consume daily at least fifteen calories for every pound of one’s weight or about 2000 to 4000 kilojoules daily for those who are into bulking up muscle mass. One must be careful in increasing the amount of protein in the diet since protein in excessive amounts turn into body fat.  Before one proceeds in getting a specific diet to follow, he or she must be able to remember the basic guidelines of eating and training right.

  • Refrain from binging or eating everything at once in a single meal.
  • It is better to eat and drink frequently in steady intervals.
  • Snacking time and meal time must be set in opportune times.
  • Choose a training program that coincides with your fitness goals.
  • The goals you set must be doable and realistic.
  • The exercise training must be paired with the right diet plan.
  • Intake of fitness and health supplements and bodybuilding supplements should have the approval of a health professional.
  • It is better to have a record of one’s fitness progress for proper monitoring and adjustment.
  • Plan and organize meals according to the specific lifting or training exercises in mind.
  • Always be consistent in following the fitness plan and be patient with your steady or sometimes even slow progress.
  • Enjoy the exercise and eat with the goal in mind.

The nutrition plan to build muscle mass must be apportioned 55 per cent carbohydrates, 10 per cent fats, and 35 per cent protein in a six meals a day diet. A diet consisting of whole foods, organic fruits and vegetables, eggs, fish, red meat, poultry, dairy, fish oil, nuts, and seed, is recommended.