Christmas Travel Workout

Many of us travel to visit our families or other loved ones during the holidays and use this weekend before to do so. Between all the Christmas shopping, parties, reuniting with family members, and all the holiday festivities make this time packed to the rim, throw traveling in there and it’s no wonder many of us have a hard time fitting in fitness.

While this time of year is hard to many to fit in a workout, especially once they are do their desitinations and away from their beloved NordicTrack home treadmill, we should still be striving to get in some physical activity one way or another. That’s why blogger brought us the Holiday Travel Workout that can be done just about anywhere and requires no equipment! If you are pushed for time you can try going through this circuit at least twice to still get that heartrate up and get you moving, every bit counts!

For a full video of the workout and descriptions on each move check out her page here. Try it out this weekend and let us know your time below!

Holiday Travel Workout - Blonde Ponytail