Cure Dandruff, Stinky Feet and Gassiness


We have all felt it, that feeling of self-consciousness that comes with stinky feet, dandruff. It can be crippling and even embarrassing.  It is amazing that so many people just live with these symptoms as if they are a part of daily life.  There are actually very easy and practical remedies that are for the most part free, or at least relatively inexpensive.


  • Cure for Stinky Feet

Black tea

Black tea has little compounds called tannins, which naturally work to kill odorizing bacteria.  What is more, black tea is an astringent, meaning it reduces problematic perspiration in the feet.

Brew eight cups of black tea for a total of twenty minutes.  Then let your feet steep for a small while. Voila, there you have it, insta-fresh-feet just like that.


  • Cure for Dandruff

Nobody likes their flackie scalp peeling off in the middle of a date.  So here is what you need.

5 drops of rosemary

Just mix it into your shampoo and wash your hair daily.  After your dandruff has disappeared then you will be able to start washing your hair once a week.  If it the dandruff gets worse rather than better you need to change your shampoo.


  • Gassiness

This is one of the most embarrassing things.  Nobody wants to smell your stinky behind, and you don’t want them to because that would be uncomfortable. So what you need to get is a grip of…


Eating pineapple provides what are called proteolytic enzymes.  These incredible enzymes actually break down inflammation and decrease gassiness, pretty neat huh? The problem is this doesn’t work immediately, so you have to plan ahead.  If preparing for a date, make sure you are eating pineapple a good two days in advance.


  • Nose Bleeds

As an added bonus I am going to give you a trick to avoiding bloody noses.  A bleeding nose may not seem like the worst thing in the world, but I know of some pretty bad experiences.  I kid you not, my roommate was making out with some babe then out of nowhere, like a fire hydrant had been run over by an ambulance car, his nose starts gushing blood all over this chicks face.  He and his date decided they would never tell a soul about the incident as long as they lived, so of course he told me the next day.

To avoid that sort of disturbing situation from happening to you, try

Spinach or Kale

These leafy greens are packed with vitamin K.  Vitamin k keeps the tiny capillaries in the nose strong, so that means no nose bleeds.