Cure the Common Runner’s IT Band Syndrome

The dreadful IT band syndrome…unfortunately one of the most common injuries among runners. According to Cure This Common Running Pain, the IT band syndrome is “an overuse injury that often causes pain on the outside of the knee.” While people try to stretch and foam roll the pain that comes with this syndrome, often times it’s not enough and does little good once you’ve got to this point.

In fact the article went on to say that “strengthening, not stretching, could be the best way to deal with the problem…To fix the underlying problem, you need to strengthen your hips.” They suggest performing the two exercises below to help strengthen your hips ¬†and not only treat IT band syndrome, but also to help prevent future¬†occurrences.

So be sure to do these two exercises when you come across this issue, and also add them into your weekly workout routines to help prevent IT band syndrome from happening again and “cramping your runs”:

Fight IT Band Syndrome

Fighting IT Band Syndrome

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