Eating Habits Are Contagious

How we eat influences how the people around us will. You’re probably thinking “get me near skinny people!” But that’s not necessarily the case. Let me give you the statistics. People are 37% more likely to be obese if their spouse is; and 40% more likely if their siblings are, and a whopping 57% more likely to be obese if our friends are.


I’m sure you’re asking “why?!” Well, being surrounded by overweight people can change what we perceive as the norm. It raises our tolerance to obesity in others and ourselves. There have been numerous studies stating that women with friends who intake soda and fast food are more likely to consume these as well. In the same study, women who’s friends eat fruits and veggies will eat healthier, too.

There have been studies, too, that show in certain areas in the world there are levels of obesity; meaning that if you live in ‘blank’ state, you’re more likely to be healthier than if you live in ‘blank 2’ state. Not that that means you need to flee the state of obesity statistics or anything, just start being aware of your surroundings. Start eating healthy, working out, getting on that treadmill, and maybe you’ll be that good example of the friend who brought in the good statistics!