Exercise Can Jog The Memory

For a long time people have known that exercise can create a substantial change in the brain.  Many people use workout routines as a cure against anxiety, depression, and anger.  It is a well known fact that exercise can affect the way you think and the way you feel.  There is mountains of research and evidence showing that exercise promotes feelings of well-being and happiness. It is a well known fact that exercise benefits your muscles, physique, and internal organs, but studies are showing that exercise even has cognitive benefits. Among these benefits is exercise’s ability to improve memory.

Studies at Dartmouth University show that people who workout routinely will have better memories than those who do not.  One exercise routine before a test will not actually create any change in memory.  It is necessary for the practitioner to exercise routinely for a month or more.

The best thing about memory is that it improves every aspect of one’s life.  No more lost keys, no more forgotten numbers, and no more missed appointments because  it slipped the mind.  Though memory does more than prevent uncomfortable situations.  Memory also promotes creativity and intellect.  That means you are going to have your keys, call that number, get to the appointment and you are going to be witty and creative about it.  And all the while the exercise is going to keep you looking good too, so really it is a win/ win.