Exercise for a Quick Buzz

When you were a kid did you ever hold your hands around your neck until you passed out? Most of us did at least once or twice when we were younger, and some of us actually spent the better part of an entire month with that as the predominant pass time. Unfortunately, the slight buzz from asphyxiation doesn’t really do it for us anymore, so we have to find new ways to get that warm feeling in the head. And another thing that is unfortunate is that most things that cause that lightheaded feeling is going to be pretty bad for your health.
Alcohol and smoking are two great ways to get a quick buzz, but you have to sacrifice either your lungs or liver for those. Most people can agree that that isn’t really worth it. Plus dying from cancer seems awfully scary and I hear chemotherapy is a huge pain. So this poses a serious problem, how does one get a great buzz without sacrificing their body to painful lung cancer and death?

We assume they have been running.

It is called “runner’s high”. This works on a few different levels. During long runs the muscles in the legs need more oxygen than they normally do, and to get this oxygen to your legs the body has to redistribute the oxygen in the blood. This means you are going to get less blood flow to the brain and thus less oxygen, meaning slight head buzz from asphyxiation in a healthy way. It goes deeper than that though. The increased blood flow pushes the neurotransmitters dopamine, epinephrine, and serotonin– check out cool serotonin is here— through the brain, and these all play a huge role in making you feel “good”.
The moral to this story: If you want to get a quick buzz jump on a treadmill turn the speed up as high as you can and run for as long as you can. If you are running max speed it should only take a few minutes to get a nice warm feeling throughout your entire body.