Exercise – More Than Just a Physical Benefit

We know there are a number of physical benefits we receive from working out, including weight loss, building muscle, and improved health. Yet how many of us really think of the emotional benefits we receive from running on your NordicTrack treadmill or lifting those weights?

Exercise can do a whole lot more for us than simply decrease our body fat percentage, which is also a great advantage don’t get me wrong! But according to this article Exercise for Physical and Emotional Health “regular exercise has also been shown to improve your mood…Exercise also distracts your mind, and with the release of those endorphin’s  gets you away from negative thinking that feed anxiety and depression…It’s an easy, healthy way to cope with life, without resorting to unhealthy strategies, such as drinking alcohol, constant negative thoughts, which can only worsen anxiety and depression.”

Check out this infographic from TreadmillReviews.com on all the Mental Benefits of Exercise:

12 Mental Benefits of Exercise