Finding the Fortitude

There are two distinct types of runners. On one side you have the speed runners that are working to get somewhere fast.  Then on the other side you have the endurance runners that are just running for the sake of running.

Everyone loves to praise HIIT (high intensity interval training) as being the best way to exercise.  A HIIT exercise would be something like sprinting as fast as you can in short intervals. These types of exercises are great for losing weight, building muscle, and even for strengthening cardio.  However, there is one thing these types of exercises neglect: endurance training.

Endurance is almost a mental exercise as much as it is a physical exercise.  Running a marathon takes its own particular sort of endurance training, and that type of training is not only going to make you healthier but I believe it makes people more resolute, so to speak.

Exercising to some degree is a part of everybody’s life.  Whether it is just the simple walk from the parking garage to the office or if you have resolved to run a few miles each day, natural resistance is what makes us stronger.

Pushing yourself farther and harder is going to be the key to getting stronger.  The number one mistake I see made with fitness is when people give up on their goals. There will be challenges that arise but just consider these to be temporary hurtles.  Find the fortitude to carry on. Set a destination and don’t stop until you get there.