Fit In A Treadmill Workout Before the New Year Parties

Today’s your last day before you take the plunge on those New Year resolutions that start tomorrow, but don’t let that mean you can skimp on your workout today! Getting started today will only mean you are one day closer to your weight loss goals!

Now while many of us may have parties and events to attend tonight to ring in the new year, we should all still be able to squeeze in a little fitness to make up for any celebratory drinking you may do! So whether you only have 15 minutes between work and getting ready, or can squeeze in a full 30 minute workout, every bit is going to get your closer to accomplishing those resolutions!

Depending on your availability, here is a 15 or 30 minute treadmill walking workout that should help you get a jump start on those weight loss resolutions:

Incline Walking Workout




Now that you got that workout out of the way! It’s time to celebrate!!! 

We hope you have a safe and happy New Year’s eve from!!!