Fivefinger Shoes Not Worth the Hype

Do you want to hear a big stupid fitness lie that has infected the minds of wana-be fitness junkies across the nation? You do? ok, here it is: Running barefoot is better for your body than running with shoes. Now you are probably thinking “wait a minute here bud, I heard that that isn’t a lie”.
Truth is, yes, that is one huge lie. They say that it is more ergonomically correct and will help your body stay inline better if you run without shoes on or if you wear those silly looking fivefinger type shoes. Truthfully, simply exercising keeps your body in a healthy ergonomically correct position. So the fitness rubbish that goes with all these minimalist type shoes, yeah that is all just garbage but they still do have some pros.

I am talking about these.

For example these shoes look like something a superhero would wear. And because you are wearing shoes that make you look like Flash Gorden many fit and attractive women will want to talk to you about your shoes; unfortunately, however, because you are wearing these strange futuristic space man shoes everyone else will want to talk to you about your shoes.
All in all these shoes are kind of pointless. They do not work any better than professional training shoes, but they will still cost you a good 80 dollars – yet again I have succeeded in paying 80 dollars on shoes I will never wear. Really it is more of a social statement than anything. If you are wearing these shoes you are basically prancing around trying to show the world how you have big ape feet.

The strangest monkey i ever did see.

Don’t worry after a few moments spectators will notice those are shoes instead of feat, then they will consider it lightly for a few seconds and then they will get back to their business to forget about the silly shoes they just saw.