Get Fit For Less Than $25

Christmas is officially one week away today, are you ready?! Be sure to check out our Last Minute Gift Ideas for Your Fitness Loving Friends while there is still time!

Expensive ChristmasWith all of the hustle and bustle of holiday shopping it not only takes time and patience, it sure takes a chunk of your wallet along with it. But this doesn’t mean you need to give up on exercise just because times are a little tight. Fitness does not have to cost a fortune.

Spark People came out with a list of 25 Ways You Can Get Fit For Less Than $25 so we thought with the narrowing of wallets due to the time of year we would share a few of our favorites to help our readers continue their exercise routines:

  • Workout Videos – $0. Many sites such as, BodyRock.TV, and even the library itself all have tons of free workout videos. These videos allow you to workout in the comfort of your own for free, and better yet you are able to choose your own workout for whatever mood you may be in that day. It’s like having your own personal fitness class in your home, FOR FREE!
  • Resistance bands – $15. These are a great piece of fitness equipment as they let you take your strength training workout to just about anywhere, your hotel room, a park, your own living room or those rooms you’ll be visiting come this holiday weekend. You can do moves such as overhead presses, pulldowns, and rows. Check out this 15-Minute Exercise Band Workout from Fitness Magazine for a great workout to help get you started.
  • Stairs – $0. You can find stairs at just about any high school football stadium, and their free! Do a couple sets of running up and down the stairs to really tone those thighs and glutes during a great cardio session.
  • Running the Track – $0. While you’re there running the stairs, why not take a lap around the track to burn even more calories. Or you can also run to and from the stadium, if it’s close enough, to double up your money saving by skipping out on using any gas.
  • Stability Ball WorkoutStability Ball – $15-$20. Like resistance bands, stability balls are extremely versatile as they can be “incorporated into cardio routines, yoga, pilates, stretching, and of course, full body strength training.”
  • Search Online – $0. You can search online for TONS of at home workouts that require little to no equipment. For example our 12 Moves of Christmas or At Home Circuit Workout we’ve shared with you in past. Simply search the type of workout you are looking for such as abs, arms, circuit, cardio, total body, etc. and I am sure the workout you are looking for is out there for free online! Pinterest is another great place to search for these.
  • Daily Deal Sites – varies. Many daily deal sites out there such as and offer fitness classes or trial memberships at a discounted rate, sometimes even up to 80% off! Be sure to sign up for newsletters to see what is being offered in your area.

During this time of giving, it’s important to make time for yourself when it comes to your health and fitness as well! Use these tips to help you squeeze in your fitness during this busy holiday season without going broke!