Getting in and out at the Gym

I have noticed that one of the reasons why people have a hard time getting to the gym on a regular basis is because they get burned out when they do go. Getting burned out means that a person loses the emotional desire to do something simply because they have done it too much. People can get burned out on anything, even really good things.
I think that the burn out response is a good thing, all in all, because it keeps a person from doing something in unhealthy amounts. Fo example, if you have ever purchased a giant pack or ramen noodles and then eaten three packs in a sitting for a few days running you have likely had the burnout feeling that comes when you suddenly realize that if you eat another noodle you will probably vomit. This is what getting burned out is like. If you get burned out going at the gym you will have so little of a desire to return the next time that you will spend an hour clipping your toenails until they bleed just so you don’t have to go the gym.

You can keep from getting burned out at the gym in a number of ways. One really good way is to determine if you actually like going to the gym to get your exercise. If you would rather be outside riding your bike, skateboarding, or at home running on a treadmill then go do that. The best personal exercise is the one that you enjoy doing.
You can also keep from getting burned out at the gym if you vary your workout and have a more fundamental understanding of the exercises that you are doing.