Go Exercise on Presidents Day

Of course you know that Presidents Day is federal holiday that is celebrated every third Monday of February. Being that it is a federal holiday you should have the day off of work and school. Some of you people that work for evil companies that are run by greedy capitalist will have to work, and to you folks, I am sorry. For everyone else that doesn’t have the collar of their livelihood in the scheming grips of a tyrannical capitalist, Presidents Day is going to be a relaxing day filled with approximately zero cares or responsibilities. So instead of spending the holiday in the languid manner you are accustomed, perhaps you could check yourself and start caring about your fitness and health for a single day of your life.
Take advantage of the free time on Presidents Day to get out and be active. They say relaxing relieves stress, which is true it does, but exercise even works better for alleviating stress. There is a lot of nonsense science and junk to back that up, but I will let you look into that for yourself here.

Imagine doing that, but inside your own home.

Apart from having a whole entire day free to do whatever you want, things get even better. On account of that NordicTrack has a whole bunch of special deals going on specifically for Presidents Day. I don’t think George Washington could have foreseen the future of treadmills being sold to commemorate him. So if you respect George Washington, like you should, and you care about your body then do yourself and every president that has ever existed a favor, and buy a treadmill or a stationary bike or an elliptical.