Healthy Foods That Boost The Metabolism

As we age our metabolism gets slower and slower.  This makes gaining weight easier and easier. Unfortunately many of us do not wish to gain weight.  So the trick is to learn which foods are naturally going to stimulate the metabolism.

Dr. Oz recommends three things: raspberry ketones, L, carnintine, and white kidney bean extract.

Of course if you do not want to buy supplements that is totally understandable.  Adding kidney beans and raspberries to your diet will give you the same nutritious benefit.

Probably the best way to boost the metabolism though is to drink a protein shake in the morning for breakfast.  This way your belly is full of nutritious protein, and whatever other ingredients you add to it, while still being very low in calories, thus helping you keep some good curves on your body, or if you are a man then it will just keep you looking jacked.