Holiday Activities That Burn Calories

Preparing for ChristmasChristmas is now less than a week away and unless you’re wonder woman/superman I have a hunch many of us are still stressing and getting those last minute presents and preparations ready. As we’re nearing in on Christmas we seem to find less and less time in our days to fit in those workouts, yet as we’ve stated in a previous article that Christmas dinner alone can rack up almost 1,000 calories which you can read more about here.

So how can we possibly get everything done in time while still making time for exercise?! Why not kill two birds with one stone and burn some calories in preparation for the Christmas feast while still getting our holiday errands done in time?! According to Extreme Christmas Fitness you may be burning more calories during your festivities than you think!

Here are a few holiday activities that actually burn calories:

  • Christmas Shopping. Who would have thought the term “shop till you drop” could really become a weight loss strategy. The previously mentioned Extreme Christmas Fitness stated you can “burn 190 calories carrying shopping bags for 30 minutes; 600 calories senselessly meandering the aisles at a leisurely pace for 6 hours; [and] 1,200 calories walking briskly for five hours on the 24th while trying to find the present you forgot.” Just be sure to take the stairs over any elevators and escalators, and avoid that food court!
  • Wrap It Up. According to an article Burn Calories By Getting Festive “spending one hour wrapping gifts can burn a massive 120 calories.”
  • Christmas Cleaning to Burn CaloriesChristmas Cleaning. Whether you had the Christmas dinner at your house, the in-laws are stopping by to visit with the kids, or simply the neighbors stopping by to drop off their Christmas gifts we’ll need to be prepared with a clean house. stated that if you were to dust for 30 minutes, vacuum for another 30, and mop for 15 minutes you can burn up to 270 calories. Hey these chores need to be done anyways, why not kick it up a notch by doing squats to empty the dishwasher, calf raises to dust, or making multiple trips up and down the stairs while tidying up!
  • Ice Skating. Why not invite the family out to the ice skating rink to fit in some family bonding time while you work up a sweat as well. Ice skating can burn up to 165 calories every half hour according to the previously mentioned RealBuzz article.
  • Cooking (as long as you aren’t eating in the process). Christmas always brings some kind of meal preparation, whether you’re preparing the turkey dinner yourself or simply bringing a side and dessert, some type of cooking is going to be happening. RealBuzz states that “half an hour on your feet preparing a meal will burn approximately 70 calories.” If the dinner is at your house, you’ll have even more preparation to do along with the washing and cleaning afterward to do, meaning even more calories to be burned off. Just be sure you are not indulging too much in excessive taste testing while preparing your foods.

With every errand and job you must do for the holidays put a little extra effort into burning more calories while you do them. Whether it’s taking the stairs, parking farther away, dancing while cleaning or cooking, just always try to move more. If you are conscious of your physical activity needing a boost, you’re more likely to try harder!

Check out these 5 Fitness Tips to Stay Fit During the Holidays for even more ideas on how to incorporate fitness into your hectic Christmas schedule. You can also try out these Treadmill Workouts if you do find yourself with 10 extra minutes during the season to get rid of even more of those pesky holiday calories!