How to Not Die Of Boredom on the Treadmill

One of the most common complaints we hear when it comes to treadmills is the fact many find them boring… I know how could it be right?! Well as it may be many prefer the scenic outdoors to the staring of a wall when it comes to their workouts.

Bored on the TreadmillNow we can understand how you trail runners may prefer to feel the cool crisp air breezing past their face while they take in the pleasant air during your runs, yet what about when the weather reaches below freezing that cool crisp air turns into snow flying past your face?!

As we’ve discussed before in Taking Your Workout Indoors This Winter, whether we like it or not we are not always able to get in those trail runs without risking frost bite. In these desperate times you beloved trail runners may just have to turn to the treadmill in order to get in your workouts.

While we would be jumping for joy in these circumstances, we know some of you may dread this. We want to try to make your treadmill runs a little more enticing so you may actually come to enjoy them. Here are some tips on how to not die of boredom on the treadmill:

  • Music. This is one thing most runners, no matter where they’re running tend to use. Listening to your favorite jams can help get you in the pumped up mood. Check out LiveStrong’s The Best Treadmill Workout Songs for some ideas.
  • Try Intervals. Mix up your speeds and/or inclines using hard and easy intervals to help keep your workouts more interesting! Not only are you constantly having to think of your next interval time to keep you distracted, but intervals also help to burn more calories (bonus!).
  • Run With a Friend.  Blogger from runs side-by-side on the treadmill with her friend to help her from dying of boredom. She stated, “It was motivating to have someone else to run with and we chatted quite a bit to help pass the time. It was also nice because we could run together at different paces.”
  • Watch Your Favorite TV Show or Movie. If you have your own treadmill, placing your treadmill in front of your television is a great way to catch up on your latest DVR’s while you get in your workout. If you go to the gym try going around the time of a favorite TV show of yours so you are able to pass the time on the treadmill while watching. When you are so engaged and interested in your show it helps keep your mind of the run, before you know it 30 minutes have flown by!
  • AudioBooks. An article from PyschCentral on How NOT to Die of Boredom on the Treadmill suggested downloading an audiobook and listening to that during your runs. Mixing it up from your music can help to keep things interesting while engaging your mind in a story to distract you from the workout itself.

Treadmills don’t always have to be so bad for you trail runners and they can actually be pretty useful come winter season. Use these tips to help you keep on top of your workouts without dreading them, waiting for the minutes to pass by. Check out Treadmill Review Guru’s Ways to Stay Motivated to Run on The Treadmill for more ideas on how to beat the boredom!