How to Stay Motivated to Exercise

Motivation is a pretty interesting thing.  One moment you have a tone of it and want to get super ripped like those dedicated gym-goers; and the next thing you know your on the couch eating a bag of Cheetos, watching soap operas and you couldn’t care less about exercising!  I know I have a problem with this, It is very hard for me to find motivation to get in daily exercise.  I just try to keep a mental note that if I don’t, I will not be happy with what becomes of my body!  Here are some things that can help you stay motivated to get fit.

Get Your Own Equipment

Getting your own exercise equipment is a very good idea. Having home exercise equipment can help you stay motivated because you will constantly be seeing whatever it is! The treadmill (or any other fitness equipment) is going to peer into your soul every time you walk by it, and will guilt you into using it. That’s good enough motivation for me! This is also much easier than going to gym because you can workout in the privacy and comfort of your own home away from those critical stares!

Set Goals

Setting yourself some goals is sure to keep you motivated. You have to make a goal the right way though! You have to make a specific goal, and put it on a strict deadline. You can make any kind of goal that you want, like a goal to go to the gym more; but weight loss goals are more likely to be followed through.

Take a Friend

Working out with a friend is a great way to stay motivated as well. This way you are depending on each other to get out and exercise. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you both have to go to the gym together every day of the week. I see exercising partners walking around town all the time! Doing this, you can talk about other stuff while you exercise and you won’t even notice that you are getting exercise.

These are some simple, yet effective tips that can help you stay motivated.

Jordan works and goes to school full time. He enjoys the outdoors, healthy living, music, and just about all sports and loves blogging about all of them. Follow him on Twitter at, and you can also find him on Google+.