Incline Equals 5X More Caloric Burn

I wouldn’t have believed it if Jillian Michaels hadn’t said it herself. Working out, exercising or just walking on an incline trainer is going to increase your caloric burn by 500 percent! How is that for improvement?

Jillian Michaels
The body develops plateaus, kind of like calluses or immunities to different exercises. The muscles that are needed for exercise become accustomed to the strain of that particular exercise thus it loses its effect.
Most people walk on level ground most every day. I am going to go out on a limb here and say, if you have visited our blog you are probably familiar with walking. The muscles in your legs are already very familiar with the strain of a flat plain, so throw them for a loop and get walking on a slope.
Apart from burning five times the amount of calories you would from a normal walk, incliners are able to target specific muscles more easily and effectively. I am talking about your gluteus maximus, you know, your bottom. It is also going to strengthen your quadriceps (thighs), knees, calf muscles, and ankles. Basically, incline walking is going to give you sexy legs.
The reason I am writing about how effective incline trainers are is because I just found out about Nordictrack’s Incline Trainer X9i. There is really nothing I would rather be walking on. This thing isn’t just your average everyday incline trainer. This is a full blown multimedia entertainment system. It has a 10” built-in touch-screen browser powered by android. If you really want to see how effective incline training is, and how awesome the X9i is check it out here.


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