Incline Training Just Might Be The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

I’m sure that you have heard that expression before; but in this case, it is true.  Who knew that by simply increasing the incline of your running workout, you would be burning at least 5-times the amount of calories you would have in a regular workout.  I’m sure that everyone has walked on an incline before, like that hill by your house; just walking up that hill makes you tired and feel the burn in your legs.  If you think that is intense, try running up the hill; now that is really going to give you some results.

With modern treadmill technology, treadmill companies are able to manufacture treadmills with incline training as their focus.  Take the NordicTrack x9i incline trainer for example.  This is one beefy machine that is going to beat you into shape!  Check out the incline on this bad boy: it goes from -6%-40% incline; I’m sure that you all know that some hills do go downward!  So incline training implies the use of a positive incline and a negative incline.  Most treadmill companies have improved their machines to the point where they can do more with incline training.  Some new things that work with incline training are built-in workout apps that will control the incline during your workout to give you a specific workout; a syncing capability with Google Maps that will let you run just about anywhere in the world through street view, while the treadmill will adjust the incline according to what road you are running on.

Your body will experience innumerable benefits when incline training.  By just taking your incline level up a notch, you are multiplying the amount of calories you burn.  That will certainly contribute to weight loss, if that is your goal, or just toning those legs!  Watch this video that shows the x9i at it’s maximum incline!

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