Just Do (what you can)

micheal phelps screams


As I did my morning workout today, which was swimming laps after working my upper body on the stationary machines, I noticed two guys in the pool.  They were not any thing close to what society would consider fit.  Their bodies were flabby and the types of things normal people can do without any trouble these guys were having trouble doing.  However, they had something that really impressed me.  They were determined to give it all they could.

Out of everyone in the Gym today these two guys were pushing themselves harder than anyone else.  When I saw what they were doing it made me want to work harder. That is one of the reasons I like the gym because you get to feel the intensity of other people around you, it is inspiring.

What I realized was that sometimes you need to disregard that set number of reps.  There are times when you can push yourself harder and in those times you should absolutely push yourself as hard as you can.

conversely though, don’t expect yourself to power through your fitness goals like a Micheal Phelps or something.  That guy is a beast. I don’t know what he is on, but I am pretty sure it is illegal.  Just kidding. Micheal Phelps doesn’t do anything illegal except smoke pot sometimes.  That is neither here nor their. The point is don’t compare yourself to anyone else.  Just do what you can.