Keys to Proper Dieting

The key to weight loss. Do you want to know what it is?  I am sorry it isn’t a pill, and it isn’t a specific machine.  It is simply nutritious meals and rigorous exercise.  That is the simple truth of it.  If someone offers or tells you something different then they are trying to scam you.  Gimmicks don’t work, and those that appear to work only work temporarily.   People are prone to gain back all the weight they lose from fad diets and weight loss pills.  Here are some tricks that will actually help your body burn some fat.


Sleep Then Eat

Eat right and Sleep rightDo not eat for at least three hours before you go to bed at night.  When you are unconscious the body digests very little, and nearly zero calories are burned.  So that means anything that you ate is likely going to be stored as fat.

Make sure you get a healthy 7 to 8 hours of sleep.  There are little hormones int he brain that control cravings.  These are called leptin and ghrelin.  When you sleep a healthy amount the body is able to balance these hormones properly, thus keeping your insatiable cravings more satiable

Eat within an hour after you wake up. If you have established a routine sleep schedule then a morning routine should subsequently follow.  Eating within an hour after waking up will jump start the metabolism for the rest of the day.  And remember those two hormones that were mentioned in the last paragraph, well eating in the morning helps to further balance those.


Eat the Right Foods

best diet everOk. Quick test: which causes more weight gain, bacon or bagel? Bacon has more fat sure, but that fat takes much longer to break down than other foods. Bagels, which are basically carbs, are going to digest very quickly in the stomach.  Meaning, unless you are active first thing in the morning then the bacon is going to be less likely to cause weight gain. It isn’t about avoiding fats, some fats are essential for health.  It is about getting nutritious meals. Also try to cut back on white breads, they are usually just empty carbs.

Foods like yogurt and cottage cheese are going to provide some great slow digesting protein.  So if you have a boring office job where you sit and sit then walk to the drinking fountain before sitting even more, then snacking on these are a great way to keep from taking in too many calories.

Peppers are probably the number one most effective weight loss food.  Apart from being vegetables with tons on nutrients, these have two things that help the body burn fat.  First they accelerate the metabolism. Secondly, they have a substance called capsaicin.  This is a pain receptor which heats up the bodies internal temperature, which means you are burning more calories.  Don’t worry this capsaicin is also cleaning out your intestines too.  Super beneficial to the body. Eat peppers.


Eat Strategically

strategic eatingHow you eat is going to affect how you look, not just what you eat but actually how you go about eating it.  Remember slow digesting proteins are better snacks at night, then say a carbs.  So at night opt the bread for some yogurt.

Eat carbs earlier in the day, about half an hour before you start doing some physical activity. Try to get complex carbohydrates like whole grain.  These will digest much slower and provide much more energy.  Try to eat fruit midday, these have lots of sugars which will give you a good energy boost but could also turn to fat.  Then at night it is best to focus your meal around veggies.

Don’t starve yourself.  Their are skinny guys with pop bellies all because they go around starving themselves and then gorge on a great big meal.  To avoid this plan on eating 4 or 5 smaller meals throughout the day rather than 3,2 or even 1 big meal.  This will help you to get a very smooth and flat stomach and you don’t even have to eat less, just divide it up throughout the day.