Lactic Acid is Actually Good

I know that the popular beleif is that anything lactic acid related is going to terrible for you.  But the truth is that lactic acid is simply fuel for your muscles, like glucose.  Alright to start we have to forget everything learned from And disregard all those stupid things your unwitting high-school coach told you.


The mitochondria of the cell takes things like oxygen and glucose and makes energy.  This is what powers your muscular activity.  This is the energy that moves your legs as your run or allows your fingers to type.  For any type of activity you have to have some mitochondrial activity.  However, during intense activities like exercising or running away from wild beasts, you need quicker energy.  This is where lactic acid comes in.


Dr. Brooks, PhD in exercise physiology said “I gave rats radioactive lactic acid, and I found that they burned it faster than anything else I could give them.” It was a source of fuel.  He continued with his research on humans and found that there is a special transporter protein that carries lactic acid on a fast track into the mitochondria.  Sort of like HOV lane on the highway.


As far as lactic acid making you sore, that never made any sense.  Within an hour your body has completely drained all the lactic acid that  may have accumulated. Soreness can last up to 3 days long.  You see the simple irrefutable implication there?So while you are working out your body triggers the production of lactic acid to create more energy, afterward it is gone pretty quick.  The leading theory on muscle soreness is just damaged and swollen muscle tissue.    As of now the precise mechanism that cause soreness are still unknown.  However, these doesn’t mean the old tried and tested routines wont work.


If you are looking to avoid being sore then start your exercises with a few minutes of aerobics, afterward stretch, and of course there are creams that are made for that sort of thing.  If you have access to a sauna or a steam room then that would be greatly beneficial as well.