Last Minute Gift Ideas for Your Fitness Loving Friends

Last Minute Christmas ShoppingWith Christmas only 12 days away how many of you have been slacking when it comes to getting your Christmas gifts ready?! I know many of us simply lose track of time, or forget some people in the mix of our holiday shopping. Don’t fret, that’s why we’re here to help!

While as much as some of us would like to present fitness junkie friends with that NordicTrack treadmill that’s been on their Christmas list for years, unfortunately our pocket books just won’t allow it. So here are some inexpensive last minute gift ideas for your fitness loving friends:

  • Resistance Bands. Resistance bands are something every fitness lover needs. They allow you to take your strength training anywhere, turning a hotel room, park, or even your living room into a fully-stocked gym. LiveStrong’s article 8 Stocking Stuffers for Fitness Lovers suggests getting bands with no-handles as the “handles can make them bulky”. No-handle resistance bands are perfect for frequent travels because you are able to roll them up as small as a belt yet they still “allow users to perform overhead presses, resistance pushups, rows, pulldowns, and even advanced stretching maneuvers.”
  • Yoga Mat Gifts with DesignsYoga Mat.Know a yogi who someone who has recently started getting into yoga?! Yoga mats are a perfect gift for those who don’t already have one. Even if you have a fitness lover friend who isn’t quite into yoga, mats are great for home workouts as well as they can save you from carpet burns when doing pushups and other floor bounding moves. Go the extra mile and get them a printed yoga mat that reminds them of you, getting something a little more personal than just a plain color will make them feel special.
  • Gift Cards. I know many think gift cards can be a little impersonal, but who doesn’t love money to their favorite store to do what they please! It gives them the opportunity to do just what they want with it. You can do stores such as REI, NIKE, Sports Authority or another one of their favorite fitness gear stores. You could even go as far as getting a gift card for a session or two with a personal trainer. This is not only help give motivation if any is lacking, but it will help them to learn a few new moves from a certified professional. If you’re interested as well you can even offer to forgo gifts and chip in for a group training session to tackle it together.
  • Headphones. Science has proven time and time again that music pumps you up. As we’ve mentioned in a previous article, Workout With Music, working out to music can distract you allowing you to workout harder for longer. So why not help out your fitness fanatic friend and give them an inexpensive gift that can work wonders on their fitness regimen.
  • Pedometer. Something every beginner exerciser needs, or anyone just looking to add a little more motion to their day. This article titled 5 Great Last-Minute Fitness Gifts stated that “research shows that wearing a pedometer can add almost 2,500 steps to your day.” If you have a friend who is just getting into the exercise scene and needing a little motivation to get moving, a pedometer would be a perfect inexpensive gift.
  • Foam Rollers. Every fitness junkie, from beginners to advanced, is going to highly benefit from a foam roller.