Lets Talk about the Lymphatic System

Holistic Health

Exercise is wonderfully beneficial to the body, not just for physique but also for many internal operations.  Doctors say that cardio exercise is the best thing that can be done to promote longevity.  There is evidence that exercise actually improves cognition. But most of all, any sort of exercise or movement is going to stimulate the lymphatic system.


The lymphatic system is a series of veins that run side by side with the circulatory system.  These draw all the toxins and refuse from the blood and carry it to the liver and the kidney where they can be disposed of properly.  However, unlike the circulatory system the lymphatic pathways have no pump to propel the garbage to the dump, so to speak.  And that is exactly why exercise is so important.


A little bit of locomotion goes a long way. Because this system has no pump of its own, you have to use the effects of gravity to get the garbage pumping through the pipeline.  Running is going to stimulate the lymphatic system better than weight lifting would, and things like dancing or rebounding will even do it better than running.  These exercises are going to help the body filter all those unwanted toxins.  This will promote weight loss, higher levels of energy, and also better immunity.


Weight Loss

The liver and kidneys are predominatly in charge of keeping the body clean.  It is their job to take the cumulus from the lymph-nodes and dispose of it.  Secondary to that, the liver is in charge of making bile.  This is a very important ingredient in fat loss.  Bile crawls throughout the body and burns calories from stored fat.  If you can help the body stay clean by exercising your lymphatic system then the liver will put its extra energy into burning stored fats.  It also helps if you avoid unhealthy foods and alcohol.


Energy Gain

Keeping your body clean really will give you higher levels of energy throughout the day.  All energy is is ATP (adenosine triphosphate).  This ATP is the electricity made in the mitochondria of your cells.  It takes two ingredients, glucose and oxygen.  Both of these will be taken from the blood that runs through the circulatory system.  If you have a clean blood stream then you will have better energy.  Keep the lymphatic system working hard and you will keep the blood running clean.


Fortified Immunity

In case you didn’t know.  Toxins and free radicals are the number one cause of basically every single disease that afflicts the human body.  Foods like fruits and vegetables are going to be a great source of anti-oxidants that will help to combat those free radicals, but to get rid of toxins you have to get them sent to the liver.  And of course this means you have to promote your lymphatic health.


So you see exercise really correlates throughout the entire body.  This is just one of the lesser known systems that exercise effects.  The circulatory system and the nervous system are much more popular and are receive just as much benefit from exercise.  So do a bit of exercise for the good of your body.