Losing Weight the Right Way


eating healthyIt is normal now days for people to live off fast food, buying a hamburger here or there on their way to school or work.  It is even more and more normal to see people working in office jobs, sitting down day after day.


With the combination of fast food and sedentary lifestyles people are gaining weight.  Fast food may not have a lot of calories if you do not eat a lot, but it doesn’t have any nutrients either.


yogurt makes you happy

yogurt makes you happy

You see people get so caught up on caloric intake that they forget how the body actually works.   Inside the body you have the stomach, intestines, kidney, liver, heart, lungs and all the other organs all working together.


The intestines are going to help with metabolism, so foods that help the intestinal tract like yogurt or oatmeal are going to help burn calories that are from food; however, this isn’t going to help burn any calories from fat.


The body is full of cells that are specifically designed to hold fat, these are aptly named “fat cells”.  These fat cells have little enzymes in them that break down fat and turn it into energy, but they are not working unless you really tell them too.


The way to burn fat is by exercising for more than thirty minutes at a time.  Any time you exercise for less than thirty minutes you are going to be burning calories from your metabolic system rather than from your fat stores.


Starving yourself doesn’t work toward losing weight because your body will just go into survival mode and start turning everything into fat.  So you need to start exercising with some nice aerobic exercises that last at least half an hour.


good eats

Eating healthy veggies makes you happy

If you want to lose weight you need to start eating right too.  Fast food has close to zero nutrients but it has a good amount of sodium and a lot of toxins, and that means it is going to overwhelm the liver.


The liver is the body’s natural little fat fighter, it takes toxins and breaks them down into bile.  Then the bile is passed throughout the body while it breaks down excess fat.


The best way to stimulate fat loss is by eating healthy foods that clean the liver.  Get a good load of fiber, a lot of vitamins and minerals, and be sure to drink at least eight glasses of water each day.


If you want to stimulate detoxification to speed up the liver cleansing process you can start putting wedges of lemon in your water.  Lemons, limes, oranges or any other acidic fruit is really going to help detox the body.