Loud Music, It Helps, It Really Helps

Exercising, everyone wants to do it, but who has the motivation.  Honestly, even though I am super fit, and attractive, and smart, sometimes I just do not have the drive to get up and exercise.  I am sure you can relate. Just look at you, I know you can relate.  Often times people are very motivated after they read an article online or something, but within a week’s time they have forgotten their true intentions.

That is why I use a little trick called loud music. And, yes, it is exactly what it sounds like.  If I am not feeling totally pumped for whatever workout I am about to do then I just take out some Bose headphones and my 160G Ipod and I turn some raging dub-step on full blast.  I find that that music in particular works very well to make my body feel more like a machine than any other type of music.

He listens to dub-step

All you have to do is make a schedule.  Then whenever it is time to start exercising, even if you do not want to, stick some headphones in your ears and let the galvanic pressure build within you.  Try to let the music turn your body from a thinking, feeling human into machine of hissing and pumping hydraulics.