Making Exercise Really Stick

The trick to making exercise stick is in making it part of your lifestyle. Working out for one day isn’t going to give you any noticeable results. It takes weeks of continuous work and exercise to see actual results. So instead of trying to find some workout plan for each day of the week, why don’t you just get one or two hobbies that really help to keep the body trim.

Bulking up isn’t really practical. It looks cool and I’m sure many women like that type of look, but long functional muscle is much more useful than that bulky stuff that you get from continued gym use. Gyms are great for looking good, but they do not really motivate people to work for anything but superficial gain. Again, not that that is bad.

I believe there is a better use for exercise. Working for development and becoming better in actual practice is going to keep you motivated because you will actually find joy in completing goals. Rock climbing, swimming, running and biking are all great. These types of exercises you can do anywhere (well for the most part) and each time you do it you become a little better.

Start exercising to develop skill not muscle. You will see once activity becomes a normal part of your life that your body will begin to shape itself to that. There is no need to get a gym membership or anything like that. Just start being active. Find something you like to do and make it a part of your daily practice.