Motivational Monday for Those New Year’s Resolutions

Monday’s can always be rough, finding that motivation to get up early after your nice relaxing weekend where you were allowed to sleep in, even for just a bit later, can make the day grueling to just about anybody . Now throw in those New Year’s resolutions and this Monday and it can especially be lacking motivation.

Decision to TryWhen it comes to fitness, finding motivation can be one of the biggest challenges to many. Wanting to lose weight, the desire to fit into those skinny jeans, and wanting to improve your health all sound like great plans; but actually finding that motivation to want to exercise is another story.

We all have our great reasons in our minds as to why we want to exercise, but finding that willpower to actually follow through and workout is the tough part, especially come Monday’s. This is when you need to find the motivation within you and get moving!

An article titled Motivation Monday: Finding Your Fitness Motivation describes it best by stating “you are the only one that can make the decision to change your life and get healthier. No one can do it for you. Unlike many things these days, there is no quick fix to getting the body that you want. That first step is finding the motivation to get you going.”

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