Nordic Track’s Beat The Heat

dehydrateYou simply cannot work out as hard when it is a scorching 100 plus degrees outside. It is simply not the time for it.   That is why NordicTrack has launched their  “beat the heat sale”.  They cut the price on their really fancy treadmills like the commercial 2150 and the commercial 1750 by a few hundred dollars.  Why would they do this? Because they really do care about your health.

NordicTrack is one of the few companies that actually cares about keeping their costumers alive.  Dead men don’t run on treadmills.  You see it isn’t in either their or your interest to do anything that might compromise your health.  That is why they want you to get at one of their stationary walking machines and also to get out of the fetching summer sun when you are jogging.  It is scientifically proven that exposure to heat and sunlight significantly raises the chances for dehydration.

This means if you are not careful you might very well run out side and become dried out like a prune.  There are a few ways to prevent this none of them include exercise except for the “running inside your home” option.  Do I want to be pushy about you buying a treadmill? OF course not.  But do I want you to avoid getting heat stroke in the middle of summer? Yes.  That is why you should check out the summer sale.