NordicTrack Blog Introduces Fit Mama Friday

Here at NordicTrack Coupon we are big fans of our fellow NordicTrack blog. They always provide us with up-to-date fitness and health tips to help you stay on track to reach your fitness and health goals.

If you are not a reader and don’t already know, they just started a great new series for many women out there called Fit Mama Friday. Every Friday they are going to share “fitness tips for busy moms, pregnancy fitness tips, fast and healthy recipes, workouts tailored for moms and moms-to-be”.

We think this is a great idea as many pregnant women are not sure how hard they can push themselves, and many others end up gaining unnecessary weight as they are misinformed. Then once they have their beautiful babies, many mothers lives become very hectic and we know they could sure use some fast and healthy recipes to keep their family healthy and not having to resort to the dreaded fast food options! So we for one are very excited for this new series of theirs to start!

On Friday the NordicTrack blog writer introduced herself, as she is a soon mom-to-be and will be sharing her experiences in this new series. You can read more here to find out more about her and this new series they’ll be starting. We’ll be sure to tag up and share any great tips and information for our current moms or moms-to be readers that they share in this new series. So be sure to stay tuned for more on that!

Inspiring Fit Moms