Overcoming Lack Of Motivation This Monday

Overcoming Lack of MotivationAnother weekend flew by while here we are faced yet again with another manic Monday. Now I don’t know about you guys but I always find myself at a loss of motivation come Monday’s, especially when it comes time to get my workout done.

I figured I cannot be the only one who faces this problem come Monday’s and thought we could all use a couple tips and inspiration to stick with our fitness regimens come Monday. Here are a few tips from How to Overcome Lack of Motivation to try and help you find your motivation this Monday:

Start Out With Just Ten Minutes – when you feel a lack of motivation to complete a workout make yourself do just 10 minutes, this helps to make the workout seem less intimidating. If you tell yourself you can quit after 10 minutes if you still lack any motivation after then you’ll soon see after the 10 minutes is up you’re likely find the motivation to continue. Even if you don’t and you still want to quite even after the 10 minutes, then at least you got in 10 minutes of fitness that day which is better than nothing.

Switch Up Your Routine – doing the same routine day after day is not only boring, but can be a cause of lacking motivation since you no longer have something to look forward to. Not only does your mind need this change, your body does as well. According to Top 7 Exercise Mistakes, “your body needs the change to challenge itself,” and mixing up your workout prevents that dreaded plateau. So try a new workout video or new aerobics class, switch up your treadmill run with a HIIT workout, give your mind and body a new challenge to work with.

Sign Up For a Race – if you just can’t seem to shake that lack of motivation, even after Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc. has rolled around a good way to gain some motivation is to sign up for a race. It can be a 5K, 10K, half mile, or something more along the lines of a triathlon. Having something to work towards helps you to keep motivated to keep on track of your workouts. Be sure to check out the Benefits of Race Training on the Treadmill for some pointers to get you started.

No One Regrets A WorkoutThink Of the After Effect – who doesn’t feel good after a workout?! Having that famous “runner’s high” many experience after any workout is a great motivator to workout. That sense of accomplishment you feel after you workout is a great feeling we should all gravitate towards.

Google Quotes, Pictures, Forums, Blogs – If you still can’t find the motivation to workout Google motivational quotes, pictures of fitness athletes, exercise forums and healthy living blogs; they are all always full of motivation and tips on how to overcome your slump. Check out our quotes from Finding Your Motivation This Monday or these 15 Tips to Stay Motivated to help you get up and moving this Monday!