Parkinson’s Law

Recently I heard about Mister Parkinson’s little philosophical law of nature.  Basically he said a task will expand in complexity with the time invested in it.  This is a beautiful little law because it works for people who want to simplify their life and it works for those who are trying to find complex or intricate detail on a specific matter.


Now how do we apply this to exercise?  I won’t spend a lot of time explaining this because I want a simple answer.  There are two parts to mentalities to exercise: pre-exercise mentality and exercise mentality.


Pre-exercise mentality is the thought process that happens before you go run in the morning or before you start doing push ups.  This is the subconscious chatter that tells you how uncomfortable it will be.   Pre-exercise mentality is what we need less of.  The more time you spend prepping for a routine the less time you will actually spend doing it.  So in order to keep it simple, simply do not spend a lot of time planning exercise. Instead, like Nike says, just do it.


Exercise Mentality is more of a feeling rather than a thought process. Now as you exercise you will find that your body becomes stronger.  Your exercises may start out simple. Perhaps you will just begin with normal push ups and pull ups and crunches.  But as you spend time on the routines you will find that they become more and more complex.  This is good because as they become complex your muscle will develop more and more.